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Born out of a passion for vintage style, constantly experimenting with hair and avidly collecting bits and bobs, I finally decided to make the things I love my job. Years of carving out my own style got me noticed and people started asking me to style their hair. From styling hair for weddings, making the perfect accessory to wear with it or hosting a glamorising hen party for the run up, I'm happiest when I'm using my creativity. I bring to any occasion my sense of fun, frivolity, professionalism and an acute attention to detail.

I started making my hats purely to match my own outfits and over time helped consult and construct designs for friends. I use a mixture of pre-loved vintage finds and contemporary fabrics. This has grown and I'm proud to be stocked alongside other contemporary designers in:

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Able Mabel

So if you provide the table, Able Mabel will do the rest.